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I laughed - hard!

Damn funny - references to the items were spot-on. Great job!

LazyMuffin responds:

Thanks, your game was almost something I could bare! So yeah!
Good you have humor about it though, cause you should be aware how ridiculous it is.

Very funny!

That was great, had me laughing for a while! This is my kind of humour. Great job.

Good Flash, very scary.

It's difficult to make any kind of scary game in Flash, but in this movie you captured some of the essence of it.

Great work on the animation and lighting.

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That was pretty damn hot :-)

Entertaining, atmospheric and a great precursor!

I just finished the game and was extremely impressed: had this game been released on a platform such as PS3 I would be first in line to purchase. Now for my views and comments:

I thought this was brilliantly done: the rain, the menu and the music set a brilliant, eerie atmosphere and rivals some console game title screens.

As per the TITLE SCREEN, the graphics in the rest of the game are brilliant. The animation is smooth and very responsive. I would like to see an option whereby any dialogue can be skipped entirely (e.g. long conversations with Vux).

Once again, great job. The ambient background music really sets the mood and the sounds when picking up items is crisp, clear and believable.

I'm extremely excited for the final version and simply cannot wait until it's released. If you have any sort of mailing listing I would love to subscribe and be notified once the final version is up.

Snakex86 responds:

Thanks dude, the artists were really happy when reading it.
for now we'll focus on this flash version, and hopefully it was a success, we'll work to make one for consoles.
and yeah I will add a skip button for the conversation, but in the final it wont be boring like this one ;)
we're thinking of making a mailing list or a blog to list updates and concept art for this game where you can subscribe, I'll keep you posted.
thanks and have a nice day.

Not too bad, navigation is a pain

I enjoyed this, it was quite easy and entertaining. The biggest pain I had is the navigation, e.g. to go north you need to click the actual letters that make up the word NORTH, if it was more like a button it would save much frustration.

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Great composition!

JessMezz566 responds:

Thank you! I am trained in many areas. Including: Voice Acting, Sound Editing, Composing and Film! Certified in all Adobe programs as well! :)

Only one word needed: brilliant.

This is JUST the type of sound I was looking for for my new Flash game. You are now my author of choice. Great music. Thanks.

staticnoise responds:


Thanks for the kind words. I’ll look for your games.

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Love the lesbian vibe, very hot!

Love it, very sexy!

That is so damn hot!


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