Entry #19

Voice actors needed!

2013-11-12 02:28:42 by Deja-Vu

A friend is looking for voice actors for 60-second "scenes" to be acted out. If you do voice acting or know somebody who does, please message me your email address so I can pass it along.


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2013-11-12 02:59:37

If you don't get any bites, maybe ask here => http://www.newgrounds.com/collab/browse/everyone/voice_actor/1 or in the Audio part of the Forums (there should be a help wanted/advertising thread).

Incidentally, what kind of 'scenes', and what genders?

Deja-Vu responds:

Thanks, VicariousE, I'll check that out.

All genders, scenes will mostly be skits/parody shows based on popular story-lines when it comes to daytime soaps, drama series, etc.


2013-11-12 09:15:56

I'm a young girl with a not-so-pretty voice, however I would like to help out as best as I can.

Deja-Vu responds:

Do you have a voice demo?


2013-11-12 12:08:04

I don't have a (good) demo, but if I can see some lines, I can record them in an audition style.


2013-11-12 20:08:01

Id like to help, gimme some sample lines, and ill try. oh and the audio on my profile isnt a demo (everyone always assume it is), its just something i did out of boredom, they are not the only voices i can pull


2013-11-12 20:50:48

I would love to help! http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/533011?updated=1 my short demo reel.


2013-11-12 21:17:46

Shite, nevermind, mic is acting weird.


2013-11-12 22:40:58

I'd also be interested. I have a very deep male voice and am trained in the westminster style of vocal music. I have a pretty wide range. If you could give me some practice material I could get you some sound bytes.


2013-11-25 12:23:01

Hey! I finally got back to you and I would be happy to do work for you! Check your private messages! :)

Deja-Vu responds:

Will do!


2014-05-10 01:01:12



2015-12-12 11:13:09

If your can give me some direction and time I think I would be able to provide you with multiple voices.


2016-07-28 07:25:47

Orgasm girl


2016-08-06 05:02:03

Do you still have openings for voice actors ?

Deja-Vu responds:

I'm afraid not at this time.