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Orgasm Girl 2 release date set

Posted by Deja-Vu - October 12th, 2009

Orgasm Girl 2 - releases this Friday right here on NG.

Comments (21)

Very nice.

Cool! hope its as good as the first one but not that hard xD

OH. MY. GOD. I LOVE YOU XD Been waiting forever for it, Totally awesome

YES! FINALLY WHOO Long wait but I know it's gonna be worth it. good things take time :D Thank you sir!

ZOMG! you have no idea how long I've been waiting for this!!! I have logged into NG everyday just to check the stats of OG2! even added you on twitter. OMG OMG OMG!!!

Thank you so much! can't wait for it!

aw...but homecoming is this weekend....-pouts- not cool.

finally :D

Hypeity Hypeity Hype Hype Hype!

Nuckin' Futz Batman, THE WALLS, THEY'RE A COMIN' DOWN!


All I can say is THANK-YOU, and that it's about damn time. More the former than the latter.


I have something to look forward to this weekend now :)

About what time of day can we expect this game to go up?

Around 5 am GMT.

FRIDAY!!!!! w00t!! i love u man! i really do!...oh and were will we see the walkthrough? in the game? well i still love u man! XD

There will be a "Help" button in the game that will link you to the walkthrough online.

You shouldn't add the walkthrough from the start.. let some people ponder on how to beat the game first :) (like, maybe a week or so... )

Wow your gonna be making some cash boy!!!!!!!!

Also how about silent hill sudden Death when i played it i felt like it wasint complete and there should be some stuff added to it. It has alot of talent man i wouldint waste it

sweet finally. took tonger then i thought for final touches to be done. been checking twitter every day since the any day now message poped up. any day was 1 day too long. and i dont use twitter

Congrats on finishing it.

Hope you get what you wanted out of it, which i assume is a little cash, recognition, and fame. :)

Its all good, you deserve it.

finally i have been waiting for 4 and a half years since i beat the first one when on Friday is it going to be on

OHHHH YEAHHHH i am so excited. i have been waiting for this game to come out for years.

5 AM GMT that converts into Midnight over here (for us night owls that is the Midnight after 11:59 PM Thursday) YAHOO! I'll be able to play it before work!

Can't wait! Been years in the making and here we go!

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