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Comments (22)

Woah, what first?

Wait.... -.- worded wrong
It was meant to be more like I commented first.
Also you nee an emo chick, they have a pretty big fan base.

Send me ideas, dude, an emo chick sounds cool and can be quite hot!


You need to work on the presentation and animation a bit more. A lot of naughty stuff came out between OG and OG2 (most notably Zone-Sama's brilliantly animated smut), which left OG2 looking very dated when it came out.
Gameplay wise, you need to work in a good learning curve. Y'know, throw in some tutorial levels, add new items as you progress, make it steadily more difficult as you progress as opposed to being too easy or hard altogether.
Also, considering this is a lesbian angel we're talking here, you may want to throw in some reward animation for when you complete the level, rather than just a screen going 'yay you made her cum'. Even the lamest of sex sims have a cumshot.

MAKE SURE YOU INCLUDE A GIRL WITH A BIG AZZZZ!! seriously. badonkadonk is sexy.

Well, I can't say I know what you're talking about but I must confess, the title caught my ageing eye.

Am I right to assume that this "game" is an aide for masturbation? If so then I feel that you have done the right thing by asking users who have previously pleasured themselves to your submissions for their advice.

I see user "Wonchop" has some great suggestions which I'll wager is a result of many quite nights alone studying your work.

Springer's Final Thought:

Masturbation is often a controversial subject, usually because of religious stigma, especially in the Christian bible.

However, the Jewish Bible never mentions masturbation, neither did Jesus or any of the Apostles. There were of course warnings against the misuse of God's gift of sexuality, but masturbation was never included or named as one of these 'misuses'.

I guess that as long as you are not harming anyone and you do not use it as a surrogate for real relationships then masturbation really isn't crime.

Which is good news for "Wonchop" and your many other fans who eagerly await the release of your new game with baited breath and their trousers round their ankles.

Until next time, take care of yourself...

...and each other!

i wanna my poarn

looks like wonchop has had experience with this he looks pro

I have to agree with what Wonchop has said.

more like BOREgasm girl

you need to put WAY MORE ACTION IN IT

Will we be seeing any ass in the upcoming one? lol :P

how difficult the previous two games were is my biggest issue with OG and OG2
I think instead a more free groping-style game would be awesome like the kasumi touching game for those that have seen it.

Use the 3D girl

Look at Wonchops post up there for the shortcomings of OG2.
Similarly, you should also note that the whole "Meet N' Fuck" series started by making a 1-up-d version of Orgasm girl which involved a whole series of events, and had a LOT of content. somewhere from 5-10 attempts later, they seem to have perfected their whole idea, leaving you in the dust.
What the problem with the first 2 was mainly that nothing really happened, it was a nearly still image with little-no motion, no change, nothing exciting. One thing though- Wonchops post says it all and I don't want to quote or reword what he said, look at his post

I want a proportionally incorrect girl, huuuuge face and feet and really tiny boobs and waist.

Do this.

I want to see a llama. Preferably a woolly llama from South America.


Um, wonchop there are some situations where not using deep explanations is a good thing

You should add a beat-em-up taste to the games.

Hot teen masturbating on cam.

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She starts crying at the end.

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